We are now closed Sundays and Mondays during the Off Season but will also be closed on days below 50 degrees and/or have snow cover. If there is an unusually warm Sunday or Monday, we will open and notify you by email. If you would like to be added to our email list, let us know at centurahillsgc@gmail.com.

The “New 9” is now closed for the Off Season. The “Original 9” (#1-#2-#17-#11-#7-#8-#9-#10-#18) will be open, weather permitting. Always make a tee time before coming out to ensure we have room and are allowing play.

We appreciate your patience and understanding when we close due to cold/snow/frost as it can seriously damage the course if you are out there, even as a walker. At this point of the season, we ask that you don’t come out, even to walk, without permission from the clubhouse. If you can’t get ahold of us, assume we are closed to any golf. Feel free to email us or leave a message at the clubhouse and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We value our members and guests and your support in keeping our course in the best shape possible!